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We have been making beautiful handcrafted furniture for both your home and garden for nearly 10 years and believe we are the market leaders in the design, manufacture and installation of wooden play equipment for your garden.

The most important part of your bespoke design is communication, listening and gaining a deep understanding for each project allowing us to

deliver over and above your expectations.

Our extensive ranges of outdoor products are centred on children’s outdoor adventure frames, slides, swings and themed playhouses constructed from natural materials.

We also pander to those

‘Big Kids’ called adults who want to relive their youth!

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We are the only company that offer a complete service from the design table to the installation for your home and garden.
Each project is built within the parameters of the space and budget outlined by you and, most importantly for our adventure centres, the wants and desires of your children; from traditional swings and slides modified to your needs e.g. a sloped climbing wall rather than a ladder to complex structures to fit around your trampoline, existing garden furniture or undulating garden.

The safety of both your and our own children is paramount and is evident not only in our selection of materials but in our unique construction brief, where we combine modern woodworking technology with the traditional skills of a carpenter.

It is hoped that in the rest of the site you will gain an understanding and insight into our values and commitment to supplying you with the best possible experiences for you and your children through the mental and physical stimulation only a Nooks-n-Crannies bespoke build can provide.

Value Assured

We guarantee to produce the project or adventure centre you and your children help to design with us.

We guarantee to use what we believe are the best materials and construction methods.

We guarantee our workmanship.

But most of all we guarantee that the quality of our products and levels of service will be a bench mark by which you will come to judge other companies by.



There are numerous outlets for furniture and outdoor play equipment for your children; Toys R Us, Argos, the Internet and garden centres. The one thing they all have in common is that they offer mass produced generic products which are delivered in a large box with instructions. There is little or no scope to combine the individual components that you want for your family want and construction is never as simply as it seems…   flat pack anyone!

The goal for our adventure centres is to provide as wide a range of physical, social and intellectual experiences as possible to allow your children to grow in confidence and ability and enjoy themselves whilst developing good physical and mental health.

This can only be achieved if you and your children are fully involved. The design process originates with you. We listen to what you and your children want, not what we think you want or what is easier for us!

Our joint efforts will ensure that the adventure centre will provide you and your family a whole range of activities from challenging physical equipment to fantasy and role play stimulated by our designs and your imagination.

We will also cater for the ‘big kids’; adults who want a play frame; and for parents who just want a comfortable lazy swing to relax in and watch their children have fun.



We know that one of the main priorities of any product bought for your children is their safety. We, as parents, feel the same that is why all our products are hand crafted. Many of our competitors make a lot of noise about complying with British and European standards, so do we but more importantly we build to a standard acceptable to us which is far beyond those set in regulations.

The combination of modern woodworking technology and the traditional the skills of a carpenter allied with our innovative construction process means that all our joints are double bolted then recessed so stop little fingers getting caught or heads getting stuck.


Promises Kept

How to you explain to a 5 year old that the most fantastic, biggest, bestest, superest… toy that you have told them about, that the ‘nice man’ showed them pictures off and that you said was coming this weekend so they and all their friends could play on it won’t be there because… No we never found the solution to that one either that is why we know how important it is to keep our promises.


How often have you felt that it is you who should be honoured that a company can spare the time to speak to you? At Nooks-n-Crannies we appreciate that the balancing act of work and children make your time a valuable commodity.

We are available at times and places that suit you. We keep to all appointments unless it does not suit you. We can be contacted via telephone, mobile and Email and will respond to any queries within one working day.


Working in Partnership for our kids future

Our natural resources are valuable and should be managed that not only our kids or grandkids but future generations can benefit and enjoy them. At Nook-n-Crannies we only use timber that comes from sustainable sources and treatments that work in harmony with our environment and recycle our by-products for other uses within our industry and homes.


Our service is ….

The design originates with you and is structured with the parameters you set on size and cost; we then turn your ideas into a design and submit drawings for your approval. Only when you are 100% happy with that design will we submit our estimate to manufacture and install your project so there will be no nasty surprises.


The following examples are merely guides to the projects, climbing frames, swings, summer/playhouses and adventure centres that we can offer.

As every build is bespoke to you we cannot offer a pricing guide however can offer an estimate to the anticipated cost.

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